"Save San Diego's Character"

The Navy is proposing a massive development on the NAVWAR/SPAWAR site alongside Pacific Highway, just east of Old Town San Diego.  It will have extremely adverse impacts on San Diego’s livability, character and its very distinction as America’s Finest City.  Save San Diego's Character, a coalition of San Diego residents, business owners and community leaders, was established to oppose the high-density plans and to encourage The Navy to optimize the site for the modernization of its security infrastructure in harmony with the character of the surrounding area.

NO Alternative 2-5:


Navy’s Rendering of Proposed Development as Viewed from Presidio Park 

  •  21-32 story wall of up to 65 High Rises and more than 100 buildings       
  • Traffic increases of as much as 70,000 average daily car trips in the surrounding 1-5 area.  
  • Very long commutes to the Lindbergh Field Airport
  • Negative impacts on all the nearby historical sites
  • Diminished Air Quality and Noise Pollution given the 30-year Build-Out
  • Obstruction of Waterfront Views for the public at large
  • Destruction of San Diego’s very quality of life for those who work and vacation in the city 



YES Alternative 1:


Navy's Rendering of Alternative 1 Impact to Skyline from Presidio Park 

  • The tallest building not to exceed 55 feet
  • Modernization of the NAVWAR/SPAWAR site to optimize the Navy’s Security National Defense and Antiterrorism Force Protection
  • The demolition of obsolete facilities and utilities for the consolidation of NAVWAR operations.
  • Maintaining the architectural integrity and character of the surrounding Old Town, Mission Hills and Point Loma historical areas
  • Protecting the historic buildings within the Old Town Heritage District, the BIRTHPLACE of California




















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California Coastal Commission Posts Public Hearing on NAVWAR Project

We urgently need your assistance with communicating to the California Coastal Commission.

California Coastal Commission Posts Public Hearing on NAVWAR Project

The California Coastal Commission is holding a public hearing on the NAVWAR project that will be held virtually at 9 a.m., Friday, October 15. For details on the procedures of this hearing, visit the Coastal Commission’s webpage at www.coastal.ca.gov. If you would like to receive a paper copy of the Coastal Commission’s Virtual Hearing procedures, please call 415-904-5202. 

We are encouraged to submit written comments to the Energy, Ocean Resources, and Federal Consistency Division of the California Coastal Commission via email at EORFC@coastal.ca.gov no later than 5 p.m., Friday October 8, 2021.  

Now is the time to speak out in opposition of Alternatives 2-5 and support Alternative 1 prior to the Friday, October 8 deadline of The California Coastal Commission. Otherwise, the project will be considered a “consent” item on the agenda which will be approved without comment.

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Save San Diego's Character 


ALTERNATIVE 1: NAVWAR - Only Redevelopment

WE, the below signed citizens, DO Endorse: ALTERNATIVE 1: NAVWAR - Only Redevelopment.

WE DO support:

• The modernization of the Old Town Campus for National Defense, Security and Antiterrorism Force Protection.

• The demolition of obsolete facilities and utilities and for the consolidation of NAVWAR operations.

• The tallest constructed building will be no greater than 55 feet (the height of the current NAVWAR/SPAWAR Buildings)

WE, the below signed citizens, DO NOT Endorse: ALTERNATIVE 2, 3, 4, 5 and the No Action Alternative.

WE DO NOT support:

• High Rise Buildings of 21-32 stories in the NAVWAR/SPAWAR Old Town Campus

• Traffic Increase of 55,309 new average daily car trips to the Old Town District area.

• Adverse Effects to our Historical Sites and Community that will occur with Alternatives 2-5.

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