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Navwar Revitalization

Claim: The development will create affordable housing opportunities for San Diego and help mitigate the housing crisis

Fact:  The Navy has proposed a massive, mixed-use development with housing, retail and hotels.  Private developers who become involved are likely to price the high-rise residents with views of the ocean and Point Loma with costs exceeding millions of dollars.  This will not be affordable housing it will be housing that is out of reach for most San Diegans.


Claim: The people who oppose the development are NIMBY’s who want to save their views.

Fact: This massive development will impact all San Diegan’s in an adverse way, not just those living close to the site.  It will erode everyone’s quality of life with significantly increased traffic, diminished air quality, a wall of high-rises that obliterates the scenic views that the public at large currently enjoys, and damage to our city’s historical and cherished heritage sites, including Old Town San Diego, the birthplace of California. 


Claim: The current NAVWAR and SPAWAR site is in dire need of renovation. 

Fact: The site must be transformed into a modern facility that optimizes The Navy’s security infrastructure.  That should be the exclusive focus at a time when our national defense and cyber security is an extremely important priority.  The inclusion of the massive mixed-use elements will only hinder the build out of the Navy’s important infrastructure given the likelihood of the severity of the Environmental Impacts and the potential legal issues.

Save San Diego's Character 


ALTERNATIVE 1: NAVWAR - Only Redevelopment

WE, the below signed citizens, DO Endorse: ALTERNATIVE 1: NAVWAR - Only Redevelopment.

WE DO support:

• The modernization of the Old Town Campus for National Defense, Security and Antiterrorism Force Protection.

• The demolition of obsolete facilities and utilities and for the consolidation of NAVWAR operations.

• The tallest constructed building will be no greater than 55 feet (the height of the current NAVWAR/SPAWAR Buildings)

WE, the below signed citizens, DO NOT Endorse: ALTERNATIVE 2, 3, 4, 5 and the No Action Alternative.

WE DO NOT support:

• High Rise Buildings of 21-32 stories in the NAVWAR/SPAWAR Old Town Campus

• Traffic Increase of 55,309 new average daily car trips to the Old Town District area.

• Adverse Effects to our Historical Sites and Community that will occur with Alternatives 2-5.

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